April 6, 2019

Assistance to Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment

The process to full mouth rehabilitation is fairly techinal process but we a multispeciality dental clinic in Chandigarh have made it fairly simple in the lines below.

After determining the cause of enamel loss a full mouth x-ray or an OPG is done. In the OPG, we can determine if there are any problems pertaining to the Temporomandibular Joint. We can determine the extent of decay of enamel on all the teeth. We can also determine the carious teeth and if they will require a root canal treatment or not. Most importantly we can determine the level of bone for all the teeth with a single radiograph.

If the patient has mobile teeth and a lot of bone loss has happened, it is almost always best to remove the remaining teeth and replace them with Dental Implants. Full arch implant prosthesis is also possible these days which may be fixed or removable.

Next, a step by step treatment plan is developed. Depending on your need, your dentist will include any of these services:

Scaling and deep cleaning of the gums.

  • Root Canal treatment may be required in one or more teeth depending on the severity of wear.

Dental bridges or Dental implants for the missing teeth.

  • Dental crowns.

After the final formulation of the treatment plan, tooth preparations are done. An impression is made and the bite of the patient is recorded. A metal trial is usually done to determine the fit of the crowns. And the final crowns are cemented or bonded in the final appointment. We recommend our patient to use a night guard during sleeping to prevent wear of these crowns. We also recommend all patients to use a Waterpik which helps cleaning in between the teeth. A six-month regular check-up is important for proper cleaning and maintenance of all crowns.

With the final crowns in the mouth the patients can now smile better, chew better and not be scared of cold or hot food. Full mouth rehabilitation improves the standard of living for a patient. Full mouth rehabilitation treatment is life-changing.

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