Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multispecialty Dental Clinic has undertaken a mammoth task of spreading Dental Health Awareness and of providing free Dental Treatments to the have nots of the society through its innovative initiatives.

The year has started and we can never be behind in our philanthropic pursuits. The first mega health camp of 2020 was organized by Rotary Club, Chandigarh, midtown in association with Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multispeciality Dental Clinic at Khuda Ali Sher Gurdwara, on the outskirts of PGI Chandigarh, on 19th January 2020.We carried out a dental examination for more than 100 patients and scaling for 55 individuals. The individuals participating in the camp were educated about oral hygiene and different means to maintain them.

People from all walks of life who attended the camp were so delighted with this initiative. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Sanjay Kalra Multispeciality Dental Clinic and Rotary Club, this program could be executed at the drop of a hat.

Annapurna Dental Check-up and Awareness talk at Samarpan on 18/09/19 to celebrate the birthdays of Ranvir s/o PP Amarjit Rtn Sanjay Kalra and three members of his family . Ranvir gave hand washing demonstration and Dr Sanjay Kalra gave brushing demonstration to the children. Dental checkup of 138 boys and girls was completed on that day and 150 tooth brushes and pastes were distributed .Food ,bananas and chocolates were distributed to all present. Rtn Renu Nayyar ,PP Amarjit Singh,R Ann Sunita, Rtn Dr Sanjay ,PP Rita Kalra, Rotaracor Ruchir and Sh SC Malik attended.

A dental checkup and treatment camp was organised at Old Age Home, Sector 15 Panchkula where twenty two inmates were examined and treated. Twelve patients requiring extractions, complete dentures or removable partial dentures were given further appointments for their free treatment at the clinic.

A Dental Check-up Treatment / Oral Cancer Screening camp was organized by IDA Mohali in collaboration with the NSS in GMSSS Sector 38, West Chandigarh to commemorate ‘No-Tobacco Day’ for the general population of that area.The Smile Express, a mobile van was used for cleaning of the teeth. Oral Cancer Screening was very successfully done by Dr. Saikat Chakraborty. Young kids and population of that area were made aware of the bad consequences of tobacco use. The total no of patients screened were 170, scaling was done for 70 patients and 2 extractions were also done as a part of the initiative. Oral Screening for cancer was done for 14 patients.

Team Smile Express from Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multispeciality Dental Clinic conducted a dental screening and treatment camp at Parwanoo in collaboration with Rotary Club Parwanoo. Forty-five patients were screened out of which scaling and fillings were done for thirty patients.Dr. Ruchir Kalra, Mr. Gurbinder Singh, Mr. Ajay Dangi, Mr. Mohan, Mr. Rahul, and Mr. Manish attended the camp and were helpful in making it a success.

Rotary Club Pehowa along with Dr Sanjay Kalra’s Multi-speciality Dental Clinic conducted a Medical and Dental Checkup and Oral Cancer screening camp at Pehowa. A total of 500 people were checked for dental disease and oral cancer. Toothpastes and brushes were distributed for all those who came to attend the camp.


Oral health and hygiene is an area of concern among school children and they need to be constantly educated and updated on it. Owing to increased availability and consumption of tooth decaying foods and reduced emphasis and casual attitude towards regular brushing, there has been a phenomenal increase in the prevalence of dental diseases in children. We felt that children are better off with smiling faces than toothaches. All they needed was awareness on maintenance of oral hygiene. Thus dawned the idea of introducing Tooth Fairy and make the whole concept both entertaining and informative.


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The mascot Tooth Fairy touches the tender hearts & receptive brains of tiny-tots with her magic wand to render them with a brilliant smile.

Tooth Fairy prepares “Tooth Volunteers” from each class who are trained to educate fellow students about maintenance of oral health and hygiene through regular lectures by our consultants. Tooth Fairy also interacts with children about healthy eating, proper brushing methods etc.


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Children in the schools are being examined for evaluating the present status of his/her teeth. They are being advised about appropriate precautions and treatments for their dental problems.


Poster Making and Slogan Writing contests focusing on the theme of Oral Health Awareness are organised for the students of different age-groups. This has led to children coming out with amazing slogans and insights into dentistry.


An innovative ‘Milky Smile‘ contest for children with milk teeth is being conducted regularly by our team of doctors. The children with bright and white smiles and no cavities in the age group 3-5 years are given attractive prizes.


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A Travelling Dental Exhibition is put-up in schools on regular basis and also once in a year during Dental Health Month at our campus, to educate them about commonly occurring dental diseases and their management. This is done with the help of hand made posters and charts arranged in such a way that children learn about the normal structure and functions of teeth besides getting an insight into common dental ailments as well as the treatment options available.


Tooth Fairy hosts Annual inter school events in October in the form of Dental health Education and wellness fair which has fun competitions like Fancy dress, Essay writing, Slogan writing, Poster making and Milky smile contests along with a round of Oral Health Exhibition.

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We start the new year with special camps for the senior citizens at the old age homes. Besides free checkup camps, they are advised how to take care of the dentures,dietary regimes to be followed and screening done for oral cancer. All old age home inmates are given free dental treatment and dentures are fabricated and delivered to them at the doorstep by the Smile Express Team.


The children from urban slums and orphanages are given free checkups and treatment for all their dental health needs .The children are distributed oral health kits consisting of tooth brush, paste and floss during the visit by the smile express team.

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These contain basic information on topics such as-
  1. Foresight to good oral health
  2. Facts and myths about dental treatments
  3. Dental care in children
  4. Instructions for patients after treatments like scaling, extractions, RCT, Implants
  5. Ortho-Treatment-realities and misconceptions.


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UTKARSH-THE AWAKENING is an annual magazine which sums up all the events and activities of the clinic. It has patient education articles on common dental ailments and contributions from school students in the form of essays, slogans, posters, poems etc.


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THE TRIGON TIMES is quarterly newsletter of Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multispeciality Dental Clinic which provides latest information on dental health, lifestyle, food and fashion trends to educate the citizens through entertainment.


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Tooth Fairy Education Program for school children has brought out an e-book on A-Z of children’s dentistry for school libraries to make learning an innovative experience.This electronic book provides an easy, cheap and quick medium to spread the message of healthy habits and their role in sustaining good oral hygiene.

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The data of the surveys conducted during the various camps are compiled for studies like:

– Prevalence of dental caries in school children
– Adolescent dental health
– Role of life style changes in dental health.


For the last 15 years the clinic has been organising  regular Oral Health Education and Wellness programs under the aegis of Dental Health Awareness Society (Regd.). It includes an exhibition of charts, posters for patent education, Oral Health talks, Slogan writing, poster making and essay writing competitions; Milky Smile contests and fancy dress shows to name a few.

Our efforts have been reconised by the Governor of UT Chandigarh Lt. Gen. J.F.R.Jacob and Health Minister of Punjab Sh. Laxmi Kanta Chawla Ji and Sh. Chaudhary Lal Singh Ji to name a few.

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Smile Express – The Mobile Dental Van was launched on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of our clinic and is quipped with a Dental Unit, Air Rotor, Ultra Sonic Scaler and Light Cure unit to make it a complete Dental Treatment Unit in itself.

The Smile Express team provides Dental treatment at the doorsteps to the underprivileged section of the society. We have already given free treatment to approximately 1000 patients residing at Old Age Homes, Orphanages, Slum Schools and various Colonies in the surrounding areas of tricity of Chandigarh.

The activities of Smile Express Team have been reconised by Health Education and Wellness Rotary Action Group of Rotary International.


Dr. Sanjay Kalra being gifted with a green thumb takes keen interest in maintaining greenery both at his home as well as at the clinic. He has won The Best Garden Award consecutively 14 times at the annual spring fest organized by HUDA.

The clinic maintains arc of the round-abouts in Sector 3 Panchkula and the rotary has won best Rotary Prize for the last couple of years.

We organize Tree Plantation drives every year in an attempt to preserve and protect environment. All the staff members participate in these drives.

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