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India has shown tremendous technical and economic growth in the last decade. Due to globalization and liberal WTO rules it has become the final destination for most of the business houses across the world. The Indian economy has grown by leaps and bounds and so has the influx of travelers. Its cultural, regional, and natural diversity from north to south and east to west makes it a popular tourist hub. To add to the flavor is a range of cuisine- ethnic as well as continental, handicrafts ranging from traditional to modern and historical monuments which speak volumes about the oldest civilization on earth.

We welcome you to Dr Sanjay Kalra’s Multispeciality Dental Clinic, the world of ultimate excellence and proud performance. It is our perseverance to provide the best dental treatment to all our patients. We are the leaders in our profession and we take pride in announcing that our reputation has traveled places. We have achieved great heights due to our institutionalized approach and professional attitude and we look forward to continuing to do the same.

We offer world-class technology and excellent service quality at a very nominal price and you will enjoy value for every Rupee spent.

We offer attractive treatment packages to make it an enjoyable holiday time by clubbing visits to various tourist destinations. Dental tourism in India enables international patients to save money on dental treatment while touring India. Now you can get your dental implants, cosmetic makeovers, metal-free crowns, root canal treatments, etc at attractive package costs and can enjoy the beauty of India in a planned way. As an added attraction, we offer a coffee table book authored by Dr. Sanjay Kalra himself as a gift to all our package patients. This coffee table book is a beautiful description of tourist destinations and the length and breadth of India through the lens of Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Lens. You will all love it.

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Chandigarh, the city beautiful, is known for its immaculate planning, beautiful gardens, and a plethora of tourist destinations in and around the city. The Tricity of Chandigarh serves as the starting point for various beautiful hill stations around it. A visit to the world-famous Golden Temple at Amritsar and the Taj Mahal at Agra will satisfy any tourist’s appetite.





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Contact our travel helpdesk at +91-93160 40980 to find more information about your traveling needs in North India. Our experts will help you to form a complete travel and treatment package so that you can enjoy your stay in the most beautiful part of India.

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“Expression beyond Impressions” is a nostalgic journey spanning the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent by the author, through the eye of his camera. He evokes the aesthetic delight of India as he captures variegated life and customs of its richly complex past and present.

The bewildering diversity of humanity in cities and vastness in diversity echoes through excellent photography supported by the authoritative text. Unimagined silence of the MAGNIFICENT NORTH, the splendor and the richness of MONUMENTAL WEST, the MAJESTIC EAST with beautiful landscapes, TRANQUILITY OF THE HEART OF INDIA and an ancient yet alive DRAVIDIAN SOUTH; all depict the ever-changing yet never changing INDIA.

The book is a travelogue, documenting nuances of culture, religion, nature, and imprints of history that the author has witnessed during his extensive travels. The intent behind this endeavor is merely EXPRESSION and nothing beyond. We hope you enjoy flipping through the different moods of India as much as the author has enjoyed living them.



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