July 21, 2020

Cost of Invisalign

Invisalign has emerged as a perfect solution for repositioning teeth which have been pushed out of their homes. The level of Invisalign treatment extends beyond merely producing a beautiful smile. Invisalign aligners help in promoting optimal oral health. Let us take a closer look at the numerous benefits of Invisalign treatment.

Perfect Prediction of Outcome

Since the entire procedure of invisible braces is digitized, the orthodontist guides you through a digital road map that helps you preview your brand-new smile even before the treatment commences.

One of our certified orthodontist Dr Aneesh Katyal who is not the only diamond provider for Invisalign in Chandigarh but also acquires the highest experience in Invisalign.

Awesome Fit and Feel

Each set of aligners undergoes a scrupulous process of detailed customization to give you a comfortable fit and a natural feel. As they are fabricated by employing top-notch technology, the clear trays are manufactured with a smooth finish and eliminate the scope of bruises inside the mouth.

Boosted Self-confidence

The 8 million treated patients of invisible braces have testified to have experienced a definite enhancement in self-confidence levels. Now you can never put a price on that!

An Effective Solution for Crossbite

Crossbites occur when the lower and upper jaws are misaligned. This condition leads to one or multiple upper teeth biting the inside portion of the lower teeth. Crossbite can occur along the front of the mouth as well as the sides.

Hassle-free Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Invisible braces can be easily taken off and put back by the wearer. This makes the hygiene maintenance part super-easy as one can brush and floss the teeth just like how it is done normally.

According to the Invisalign website https://www.invisalign.in/ cost which says their treatment costs fall between Rs. 1,00,000- Rs. 2,00,000. Being the best Dental Hospital in Panchkula provides this treatment at very affordable rates, which start, from Rs. 1,00,000 onwards.

At Dr Sanjay Kalra Dental Clinic, we make it possible to create even complex dental reconstructions with great skill and integrity. We aim to surpass the ordinary by accomplishing complex smile makeovers as we find satisfaction in creating mouths that function with good health, harmony, and beauty.

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