December 7, 2021

Top 3 Teeth Whitening Procedures

Who doesn’t love a dazzling smile that displays your white teeth? Apart from enhancing your overall appearance, it gives off a vibe of confidence and makes you stand apart from others in the crowd. Moreover, you get the courage to speak without getting conscious of how you look. Wines, cigarettes etc. may lead to staining of teeth. That is why teeth whitening is one of the most common dental procedures people opt for across the globe. You can get excellent dental care at Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multispeciality Clinic, the best dental clinic in Panchkula.

Various teeth whitening procedures

Teeth whitening is a simple process. But, you must seek professional help for this procedure. Here are some ways you can whiten your teeth. Take a look –

  • Whitening Gels

If you have slightly stained teeth and don’t need the assistance of a professional, you can choose whitening gel solutions. These products are available at the local pharmacy stores. However, you need to select the one that suits your needs the best. The presence of hydrogen peroxide Or carbamide peroxide leads to whitening of the teeth. However, tooth sensitivity is a common consequence of using these whitening gels. To combat this problem, make sure you use the mouthpiece holding the gel for short periods.

  • Laser whitening

One of the latest teeth whitening procedures is laser treatment. Laser technology and medicine to get the desired shade. In this process, the laser is used for the activation of a chemical agent. This agent is then applied to your teeth which works on making the teeth white again. Eyes, gums, and lips are covered to deal with any discomfort during the laser treatment.

  • Custom-made whitening tray

In some cases, the dentist can make the whitening tray for you so that you can conduct the process at home. Here, you will need to follow the instructions provided diligently for the desired results.

These are some of the ways you can have a bright white smile. Apart from exuding confidence, teeth whitening also ensures that you have excellent dental hygiene. You can visit Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multispeciality Clinic for the best results. The best cental clinic in Chandigarh will offer you multiple suggestions and take care of your dental hygiene.

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