October 14, 2019

Disadvantages of Cheap Dental Implants

One of the easiest ways to deceive people and lure them into paying for a service that might not be the best solution for them is to entice them with a price so low that they can’t refuse it. Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s Multispecialty Dental Clinic in Chandigarh would like to put forward one of such practices to create awareness amongst the people.

There are quite a few models and varieties of cheaper dental implants that are offered by many dentists as solutions to patients. How these implants vary from the conventional method for putting in implants is that these inexpensive versions are installed in the deeper layers and sections of the maxillofacial bone, which are characterized by a special density and resistance to atrophy.

Many of these implants are fixed not only in the alveolar zone but also in the basal section of the bone. Expensive implants such as Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Ankylos, Zimmer and Biohorizons are the pioneers of dental implantology. These companies have high credibility. They have been a part of the dental implant industry for more than thirty years and spend a lot of money on Research and Development(R&D), hence the higher price. These implants have a better surface, better prosthetic connection, fewer complications and ensure a higher success rate. They have a long term success rate and hence are recommended by us.

The patient must consider these scenarios before deciding what practice to go ahead with. The cheaper dental implants often unfortunately fail and the subsequent pain and the additional expenditure that the patient has to encounter can be treacherous.

Dental implants can be a life-changing procedure, so, patients should get the best dental implants from competent implantologists.

Dr. Sanjay Kalra, best dentist in Chandigarh, hopes this blog educates the reader to make the right decision and always put their health as their top priority.

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