June 19, 2019

Gum Diseases: Causes and Treatments

Do your gums remain red and swollen all the time, bleed easily and or are receding? These could be the telltales of gum disease and ought not to be brushed aside as minor inconvenience.

Dr. Sanjay Kalra Multispecialty Dental Clinic the best dentist Tricity will in the following passages highlight causes and treatments of gum diseases:


  • Bad Oral Hygiene

People who do not brush their teeth regularly and altogether avoid flossing put themselves at increased risk of gum diseases like gingivitis as over time a thick sticky film of bacteria called plaque forms over teeth and if not treated on time can cause the teeth to rot away.

  • Changes in Hormone

During periods of hormonal fluctuations, women may experience extra sensitive gums and there is an increased chance of bacterial infection.

  • Side-effects of Some Medicines

Certain medicines can cause changes in gums or slow down saliva production making the mouth dry. This makes it an easy breeding ground for germs.

  • Smoking

Smoking and chewing tobacco spell trouble for your overall health including your teeth and gums.

  • Diseases

People who have diseases like diabetes, arthritis and even cancer and HIV are more likely to suffer from gum-related issues as the body’s immunity to fight against infections declines.


Patients can opt for either surgical or non-surgical treatment:

  • Nonsurgical Treatment

-Deep Cleaning
The dentist will use specialized instruments to clean below the gums.

-Scaling and Root Planning
If plaque and tartar form under your gums you may need to go in for this treatment. It involves scratching plaque and tartar from the teeth and smoothing them to prevent germination of bacteria.

  • Surgical Treatment

-Flap Surgery
The gums are slightly raised up to remove tartar from underneath them to enable deep pocket cleaning. Thereafter the gums are stitched back up to fit tightly around the teeth limiting the area for bacterial growth.

Gum Grafts
Gum tissue is extracted from the palate and used to fill in spots where the patient’s gums have receded thus shielding the tooth against decay.

-Bone Grafts
In cases where the bone has been damaged due to some gum disease the dentist will clean the area by removing bacteria and placing artificial or natural bone to stimulate bone and tissue growth.

While there are various options available to treat periodontal diseases it is always better to practice good oral hygiene and visit a Multispeciality Dental Clinic in Chandigarh.

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