May 23, 2019

Implant Crowns: Which Ones to Choose

Implants have greatly evolved over the last couple of years. Earlier restricted to patients with complete loss of teeth they have grown to be available to people for single tooth replacement as well. This scenario has been largely guided by the fact that there has been a drastic improvement in the technology behind these procedures.

We’re going to be talking about the crown for implants in this blog post. It is often considered a highly comprehensive and complex decision to decide what works best for you. So we as the best dental implant clinic in Panchkula have broken it down to most basic differences.


In the case of a cement-retained crown, it becomes next to impossible to make any adjustments in case of any complications. The entire concern is twofold, the first being the cement is retained in an apartment that is screw retained. In case the screw becomes loose, the abutment cannot be removed without destroying the crown. This results in increased costs and efforts.

A Screw-retained crown, on the other hand, is easy to retrieve and make adjustments to in case required. It is often considered a luxury that doesn’t exist in the conventional fixed Prosthodontics on teeth. The ease of removal of the restoration allows for repair and examination of the soft tissue as well as the direct visualization of the implant.


The cement-retained design is known to hold high aesthetic value as the implant study has grown in leaps and bounds. If placed properly predictable aesthetics can be achieved with either of the restorations. The channel access of the screw is known to be tricky. The issue that has arrived with the arrival of new types of cement is that they are essentially invisible to the eye and may cause a case of excess being left behind, which may cause late implant failure and also raises hygiene concerns.

The bottom line is that for better long term outcomes, it is imperative to use a screw-retained crown wherever and whenever possible. However, aesthetics do not permit, the dentist may use a cement-retained crown.

As the top dental clinic in Chandigarh, at Dr. Kalra’s Multi Speciality Clinic, we make sure you choose the best option for your oral health.

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