January 30, 2020

Inaugration of Indian Prosthodontics Society – Panjab Branch

Dr. Sanjay Kalra delivered a keynote lecture on the occasion of the Inauguration of Indian Prosthodontics Society – Punjab Branch. The response was overwhelming. The presence of senior friends and colleagues from IPS like President Dr. J R Patel from Ahmedabad, PP Dr. Himanshu Aerans from Rishikesh, PP Dr. Kashinath from Bengaluru, and PE Dr. Kashyap Bhargav from Delhi made the occasion all the more special.

The felicitation of teachers and mentors – Dr. OP Nar and Dr. Jagmohan Lal was a proud moment for everyone. Dr. Kavipal, Principal of SGRD Dental College, and his whole team where laureled with compliments for the meticulous organization.

The cherry on the cake was the visit to the stunningly beautiful and pious Sri Harmandar Sahab, which was a dream come true.