March 2, 2022

Pros and Cons of Invisalign Braces

Clear aligners are very much in vogue these days, everyone is ditching the old-fashioned metal braces and shifting to clear aligners. Perhaps the oldest in the market and best known clear aligner product is Invisalign, which was introduced in 1998 by Align Technology. Before you dig into your final decision of choosing them, read the following pros and cons of Invisalign braces given by the Best Dentist in Panchkula.

Pros of Invisalign

● The aesthetic factor: This is a very commonly cited reason for choosing Invisalign. These clear aligners are much less noticeable than the wires and brackets of braces. Clear aligners are the best option when it comes to choosing a natural smile.

● You can remove them: You can physically remove the aligner from your mouth if you need to. This is one of the main advantages when it comes to choosing between clear aligners or metal braces.

● Ease of cleaning your teeth: By removing the aligner, you can easily brush and floss your teeth, without having to work around the wires and brackets.

● Fewer complications: Many people with traditional braces have stories about a bracket that fell off or a wire that broke, leading to a complication & an emergency visit to the orthodontist. You won’t have that potential problem with clear aligners.

● Fewer dentist visits: Invisalign aligns your teeth via a series of aligners which need to be changed every two weeks by the patient himself. Hence fewer visits to the dentist are required.

Cons of Invisalign

● Requires patient compliance: To get the maximum benefit out of Invisalign, you must wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day. If you think you’ll be tempted to slip them out more often, it may not be the best choice for you.

● Strict oral hygiene standards have to be maintained: The patient has to brush and floss his/her mouth post every meal so as to reduce the risk of developing cavities. This can be quite cumbersome for a few.

The best dentist in Chandigarh says that many patients find these braces to be highly convenient, but what works for one person may not work for you. Hence it’s important to consult your dentist and choose the best option for yourself.

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