June 8, 2020

Ready to Normalize the New Normal

COVID-19 has changed the way dentistry will be practiced across the globe. It, therefore, becomes imperative to adopt appropriate clinical management and infection control in conjunction with the implementation of community mitigation efforts.


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We, at Dr. Sanjay Kalra’s dental clinic in Panchkula, have been a pioneer in setting benchmarks to ensure the safety of our patients, doctors, dental assistants, and other clinical staff.

After considering the Standard Operating Procedures and advisories issued by CDC, we have established enhanced safety protocols combating Covid-19 to ensure 100% sterile and safe environment for our patients, doctors & staff.


  • Staying ahead of the curve, we are ready to take care of your dental needs. However, pain management would be given priority during the COVID pandemic.


  • You are requested to sanitize your hands or wash them with soap and water for twenty seconds before entering the clinic.


  • You will be seated by the floor manager. They will spray a disinfectant on your shoe soles and then you will wear the shoe covers. We request all ladies to please tie your hair and put on the head cap provided to you.


  • Sanitize your hands again and be seated at the disinfected seat before being called.


  • Face Masks are a must for patients at all times except when they are ready for an oral examination and during the procedure.


  • Requested to spare some time to prepare the operatory after the last patient. This includes disinfection at all the surfaces and discarding of the PPE and medical waste in respective bins.


  • Elective procedures, especially oral prophylaxis, are not recommended until further notice.


  • Clinical practice is by appointment only. We don’t allow random walk-ins.


  • Patient along with one attending person at the maximum will be allowed.


  • We prefer digital payments. Cash payments are discouraged.


  • Extra cost would be charged for the precautions being taken at our clinic for the safety of the patients.


Being the best multispecialty dental clinic in Chandigarh, we are committed to providing a safe clinical environment.

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