March 16, 2020

Transform your Dental Health with Oil-Pulling

In an era of new-age practices, the world is still abuzz about an ancient one! Oil pulling or Gandusha strongly recommended by Dr. Kalra, multispeciality dental clinic in Panchkula, offers a variety of benefits; not only arms you with a camera-worthy smile but also gives you a bunch of beauty benefits. So let’s cut to the chase and see what actually is oil pulling? 


The mouth offers a sanctuary to several bacteria, viruses, and fungi that pose a threat to our mouth and overall well- being. What oil does is, act as a cleanser and hauls out these bacteria before they start destroying our teeth. 


How to do an oil pull? 


It is a type of oral health care practice that involves squishing oil back and forth and in between your teeth for 15-20 minutes. The squished oil, under any circumstance, does not have to be swallowed since it contains numerous toxins and gulping it all down will only do the opposite of why oil pulling is intended to do. Always make sure to spit it out in the toilet and not in the sink as it could clog the drain.


Afterwards, immediately rinse your mouth with warm salt water to get rid of any leftover debris in your mouth. And lastly, brush your teeth as usual.


 Which oil to use?


Plant-based oils usually have antibacterial and antioxidant properties in them which help kill and fight bacteria in the mouth and reduce the presence of cavities. Generally, cold-pressed coconut oil is the best oil suggested for oil pulling by the dentists as it contains monolaurin and lauric acid which are both common antimicrobial that fights plague.        


Anybody who is allergic to coconut oil can use various other alternatives like flax seed oil, sesame oil or olive oil. The oil should always be tested beforehand on a skin patch before putting it in your mouth.


 How effective is oil-pulling?


People who practice oil pulling have seen improvement in their oral health as it draws out bacteria from the mouth and stimulates saliva production. Some studies claim that oil pulling is as effective as chlorhexidine which is a prescription mouthwash used in the reduction of tooth decay. 


Dr. Kalra, recognized as the best dentist in Tricity, suggests oil pulling as it not only reduces inflammation in the mouth but also can be done in addition to brushing and flossing to achieve optimal oral health.  

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